• Any quantity of membership can be bought in units.
  • One unit is equivalent to amount of INR 20,000/- or AED, 1,500/- or USD 400/-
  • Gross Benefit/loss will be divided: 50% to Heera Pure Drops and 50% to the members.
  • Gross Benefit/loss will be distributed every year.
  • Gross Benefit / loss shall be remitted to the member's account by cheque/ECS or any other mode of payment permitted by law, in the first week of every year from the month / year of enrolment.
  • Membership unit can be purchased from 1st working day till last working day of every month however it can be restricted or extended by management
  • Units purchased between the said duration will be eligible for the benefit of next year from the month of purchase, which will be declared and remitted to members in 3rd week of fifteenth month from the month of membership.
  • For Example: Units issued between 1st working day of March 2014 till last working day of March 2014, will be locked and money will be inserted in business from 1st April 2014, were as benefit will be calculated from 1st April 2014 till 31st March 2015 and Benefit declaration and money remittance will be in 3rd week of JUNE 2015.
  • Minimum duration of membership is one year (lock-in period).
  • To buy HPD TCN 'F' membership: INDIAN/NRI: Cheque/DD should be in favour of "Heera Ice Drop Pvt. Ltd."
  • Withdrawal request can be submitted after completion of locking period.
  • Withdrawal remittance will be done after 60 days submission of application.
  • HPD is registered under Indian Companies Act-1956 (unlisted). Whereby, honourable Indian Constitution permitted Muslim community may follow Sharia (Law derived from the Holy Quran) as per Muslim Personal Law (Sharia) Application Act, 1937.
  • HPD is an organization aiming for the upliftment of Muslim minority and to bring them out from the curse of usury (interest) hence membership open for Muslims only.
  • HPD is engaged in the trading of mineral water, hence every HPD TCN 'F' member is, obviously involved in purchase of physical mineral water, up to the value of his/her membership. For withdrawal one can demand either respective currency or goods of the same value.
  • HPD is involved in trading of mineral water products, so is financially dependent on economic and market conditions. However time factor has a remarkable role in the economy, which may lead to delay in the process of Benefit /loss distribution or any other related dues.
  • Prayer Time
    Fajar 5:02
    Sunrise 6:14
    Zuhr 12:22
    Asr 3:43
    Magrib 6:29
    Isha 7:41

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