• Any quantity of TCN membership in the Trade can be bought but only in multiples of 25,000/- INR or 2,000/- AED or 500/- USD.
  • Gross benefit/deficit accruing will be distributed in terms of specified quantity of gold calculated at prevailing market prices.
  • TCN Membership purchased between the dates of 1st to 30th/31st will only be eligible for the benefit of the forthcoming month from the month of purchase (i.e.: 1st working day till last working day of every month).
  • The duration of TCN membership shall be restricted to a maximum limit of 364 days.
  • HGE is registered under Indian Companies Act-1956 (unlisted), whereby honorable Indian constitution permitted Muslim community may follow Sharia (Law derived from the Holy Quran) as per Muslim Personal Law (Sharia) Application Act, 1937.
  • In the event of any TCN member desiring to close the membership before the stipulated period (fore closure/pre closure)HE/SHE shall be entitled to the specific quantity of gold as determined by company at the time of closure of membership as per the prevailing market conditions.
  • HGE is engaged in the trading of physical gold, hence every HGE Trade Code No 'A' member's is, obviously involved in purchase of physical gold, up to the value of his/her membership, can demand physical gold as determined above.
  • HGE is involved in physical gold trading, so is financially dependent on economic and market conditions. However time factor has remarkable role in the economy, which may lead to delay in the process of benefit/loss distribution or any other related dues.
  • Prayer Time
    Fajar 5:02
    Sunrise 6:14
    Zuhr 12:22
    Asr 3:43
    Magrib 6:29
    Isha 7:41

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