Corporate Objective
Allah has permitted trading and forbidden Riba (usury). (2:275)

The Heera Group with a wide ranging spread in varied businesses is centered around a quintessentially humanitarian objective. Heera Islamic business Group's ultimate goal is to provide a strong support and a common platform for all Muslim women by bringing about a social upliftment and chartering a better life style for them. .

Our revered CEO Dr. Shaikh Nowhera has envisioned that Islamic women have to be liberated from the prevalent confinements and voice their concerns aggressively on par with their men counterparts. Presently there is little scope of Muslim women being able to speak about their rights in any manner as the interpretation of the Holy Quran by male Muslim clerics stays little disputed. Most Islamic women especially from the middle and lower social strata are subjected to severe oppression by the male members of their families without any opportunity of freely expressing themselves. Their purpose is generally confined to the kitchen and child bearing with minimum possibility of any other accomplishments in their lives.

As part of this noble cause the Heera Islamic Business Group propounds the teaching of professional skills to Muslim women in various crafts and trades so that they can develop independence and live on their own beyond the scope of suppressing Muslim family culture. Value education is of immense necessity among the sect which can help women recognize their own worth and help them have the courage to antagonize inappropriate treatment meted out to them by the larger male components of the community.As part of this objective Heera Group relentlessly endeavors to support this great social cause by divesting a significant share from the group's income.

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