Welcome to Heera Islamic Business Group|Gold Trading Company in Hyderabad  Welcome to Heera Islamic Business Group|Gold Trading Company in Hyderabad

Laa ilaaha illa-Allaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah, lahu'l-mulk wa lahu'l-hamd wa huwa 'ala kulli shay'in qadeer



Heera Group mainly handle  the following Products.








Food Products



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Pure Drops


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Group Of Companies

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In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most merciful


"And whoever does some good deeds, be it a man or woman, and is a Muslim, will be admitted to Paradise and they will not be wronged even to the extent of one sesame."

 Heera Islamic Businees Group, a global conglomerate with companies spread across a large number of countries, catering to various islamic businesses, is founded and administered by Dr. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera, a genius with unique ideas and a facilitator of Muslims.

A pioneer in gold trading, with corporate office at Hyderabad Heera Group has branches all over India, UAE, China, Africa and Canada. The Group encompasses over 19 operating companies in various business sectors: Gold trading, trading, textile, jewellery, mineral water, granite, tours & travels, developers, electronics, Hajj &Umrah services and so on.

We value Islamic community, our customers and employees. Our gold trading service is primarily offered through our subsidiary Heera Gold Exim, which manages the high net work of trading in gold bars, gold dust and rough or uncut diamonds.  Groups traiding business is supported by Heera Fincapital and Heera Textiles; and Heera Jewellery and Fancy World fulfill traditional and modern fashion needs.
Heera International School and University provides a platform for World Class Education and Research for Muslims.

In international Market, Heera Islamic Group has marked its name through Heera Islamic Gold Trading DMCC (UAE), Heera General Trading Exports and Imports (FZE) UAE, Heera Diamond Export and Import China , Heera Gold Exports Ghana, and Heera Foodex Gulf.

Heera Islamic Business Group returns the wealth to the Islamic society, the group Heera serves. We build confidence in the religious identity of Muslims through Islamic education and culture.

Heera Group has demonstrated a consistent presence in the industry by ensuring timely delivery of all our products and services which are paramount to Islamic business and has established a magnificent lead owing to our client centered corporate philosophy. The reach of our business is geared up to stretch across a global scale through TRUST that we have earned which has consistently strengthened the Group and has enabled us to visualize further.


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Welcome to Heera Islamic Business Group|Gold Trading Company in Hyderabad  Welcome to Heera Islamic Business Group|Gold Trading Company in Hyderabad

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