Dr. Aalima Shaik Nowhera.

Founded in 1998 by a distinguished and noble personality ,Ms. Aalima Shaik Nowhera, Heera Group is a Fortune Global Company with business in the commodity as well as educational chain. The first Muslim woman of India to lead a company , Ms Shaikh is a renowned entrepreneur , who with her sheer vision and business intelligence has created a financially strong business structure in the country, redefining business according to the framework of Sharia Salvation toward Allah's SUB. Started as a small family business, Heera Group has demonstrated a consistent presence in the market , thereby carving a niche in the field of sharia based earning and today has armed itself with cutting edge expertise to take on the national and global markets with more vigor and strength to provide business based on Islamic principles.

Hailing from Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh ,Ms. Nowhera is also well known for her extensive views on the liberalization of Muslim women and as an educationalist of repute.Ms. Shaikh, with the support and guidelines of her Father, Mr.Shaikh Mohiuddin Saheb Kolkar worked towards educating muslim community by starting "Madrasa Niswan Ishatul Islam " which was an Urdu and Arabic Development Society. Ms.Shaikh always followed her father's footstep from a very early age by supporting him in his business activities even during her school going days. Mr.Shaikh Kolkar Madaar Saheb, a successful business man and grandfather of Ms.Shaikh who started S.N.S. Transports in 1920, found success as a whole sale dealer of vegetables , fruit and textile products across North, South,West and Central Indian territories. With a very high spiritual and religious cultural background, he always made sure his children followed in his footsteps.

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